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Welcome to Westfield Nursing Assistants Training Institute

Please note: During the Pandemic with Covid, Classes will be held via Zoom for two weeks. On the third week there will be skills at the classroom. The third stage for clinicals are done independently and not through the school. The clinicals must be completed to complete the CNA course. Please see the directions below for clinicals.

Due to COVID-19, WA DoH recommends the NAR pathway to NAC licensing which entails the following (this is the new recommendations to complete the clinical aspects for the class).

      1. Apply for a NAR license - if you don't have a SSN, contact and ask for candidate ID number.

    To register for an NAR please visit:
Nursing Assistant Registration Application Packet
    Please print this form and follow the directions on the form.

2. Get a (paid) job using your NAR license and work a minimum of 40 hours - this job will substitute for your clinical training. You must show proof with a paystub to the school.

3. When clinicals are completed come to the school house to do your written final exam. After passing, you get a certificate of completion. You can work as a CNA.

The above steps need not be taken sequentially; we actually advise you to complete the above steps concurrently

Tuition is $795.00