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2017 Training Schedule

Note: First Two Weeks of Class will be Monday-Thursday <
Morning Classes 9:00 - 2:00PM Evening Classes 5:00 - 10:00PM
Mon - Fri 9- 2:00PM
Mon. Fri 5 - 10:00PM
February 13th - March 10th February 13th - March 10th
March 13th - April 7Th March 13th - April 7Th
April 10th - May 5th April 10th - May 5th
May 8th -June 2nd May 8th -June 2nd
June 5th -June 30th June 5th -June 30th
July 10th - August 4th July 10th - August 4th
August 7th -September 1st August 7th -September 1st
September 4th - September 29th September 4th - September 29th
October 2nd - October 27th October 2nd - October 27th
October 30th - November 24th October 30th - November 24th
November 27th -December 22nd November 27th -December 22nd

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